About Us

Zero260 was founded by
 Joseph, a graphic artist & car enthusiast, in 2016

Zero260 has quickly become a one stop digital shop for car lovers and businesses who want
to create art of their car and put it on the coolest merch available. It's time to celebrate all of the
hard work you have put into your car!

At Zero260 we come to the office every day with one goal in mind.
Design your car to give you enjoyment! We love to make your car into art!

Realizing how versatile vector images were for the automotive industry, we got to working
building the perfect online platform to design your car perfectly and then print your car on
anything you want!

Customization and personalization using a digital platform can add value to anyone who
builds and/or customizes their car whether you make an accurate version of your car or we
digitally customize it for you!

We use premium products and professional methods to make the best art for your car.

So after you break your bank, bust your knuckles, and bleed on every part in your engine bay
you can get a digitally vectorized version of your favorite thing in the world, your car...and then maybe
a shirt to help clean up the blood.